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Weak Erections got you Down? Playing with a Wet Noodle? Stroking to try to get him ready? Forplay isnt even Working anymore? Embarrassed and already past the point of even bothering to try to have sex? Not anymore! Forget that negative Voice in Head and sad pathetic lonely hours alone and watching boobtube or Porn. Make your Own Porn-Tapes and be that Guy other Clowns are Beat’n too and Jealous of.

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Need Harder Erections? Is Wifee not looking to Happy? Forget Her, what about you? Its a Mans’s World and your Erecton Calls the Shots. No Boner-power No Happy Man.

Get Old Girl Happy or Get Many New Girls Happier. Spread some Love and some Seeds. Lifes short and they want to depopulate. Go Put your Heritage back on the DNA TREE OF LIFE.




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